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Wednesday, 15 July 2015

SHaSAM Certifications 2016/17

Specialist High Skills Arts Major

Certifications and Reach Ahead Opportunities

Below is the list of Certifications and Reach Ahead/Experiential Learning for this school year.  We may add to this list throughout the school year.  Some of these Certifications are available only within the class time of an arts/tech class.  Most Certifications are available to all SHaSAM students, either inside or outside of class time. You will receive email notifications of events that are open to all SHaSAM students, or you can watch the King TVs for announcements, or speak to the teacher who will be coordinating the event for more details.

Certifications (When, Who Coordinates It?)
1.            All – Management Leadership at Second City, Feb 25, Mr Robertson
2.            Drama – Stage Combat, 2nd Semester, Ms Thornton
3.            Dance – Choreography, 2nd Semester, Ms Hussey
4.            Stage Management, Ballet Performance, March 30, Mr Mensher
5.            Visual Art – Photography, 2nd Semester, Mr Tufford
6.            Visual Art – Jewelry Making, 2nd Semester, Ms Mansfield
7.            Visual Art – Illustration, 2nd Semester, Ms Mansfield
8.            Fashion –Fabric Selection in Clothing Design, in Fashion class, Ms Ilisan
9.            Music – Maximizing your Voice Performance Skills, 2nd Semester, Ms Shaw
10.        Arts Management - Brand Awareness, in Arts Mgmt Class, Ms Walter
11.        Arts Management - Intro to Project Management, in Arts Mgmt Class, Ms Walter
12.        Arts Management - Initiating a Creative Project, in Arts Mgmt Class, Ms Walter
13.        Mandatory - WHMIS, TBD, Mr Mensher
14.        Mandatory - CPR A, First Aid (16 hours), Aug/Sept, Mr Chetwynd

Experiential Learning/Reach Ahead   (When, Who Coordinates It?)
1.      Dual Credit course related to the Arts, during your Arts Internship, Mr Robertson
2.      Check out an Arts Internship for half a day, Mr Robertson
3.      Guest Speaker – Benn Hough, Theatre lighting professional, October, Ms Shaw/Ms Thornton
4.      Guest Speaker – Charmaine Bertram, Clothing Designer, 2nd Semester, Ms Shaw
5.   Guest Speaker – Int Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, Moving Picture Technicians, Artists and Allied Crafts, February 28, Mr Robertson
  1.      Other guest speakers will be announced through email